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Property tax consultant firm O’Connor & Associates, 2200 N Loop W, Houston, TX 77018 should be avoided at all costs. Even though they settled  a law suit for $800,000  for “filing thousands of tax protests without taxpayers’ consent and failing to appear at hearings, among other violations” they continued the same practice by representing me for my 2015 property taxes without my permission. I had used them in the past but stopped a couple of years prior. They contacted me by phone and told me they had a special arrangement with the tax board and would get an automatic deduction. They sent me a document to sign and return. North Texas Property Tax Services,16901 Dallas Parkway Ste 114,Addison, TX 75001 214-954-4103 also contacted me and I decided to go with them since they had a better deal. I sent the signed document authorizing North Texas Property Tax Services to represent me and called O’Connor & Associates and told them I was going with a different company.

After tax settlements with the county both companies sent me an invoice. O’Connor & Associates for $85.13 and North Texas Property Tax Services for $68.10. I paid the $68.10 invoice and O’Connor & Associates started hounding me with an Indian call center. I let them know that I never authorized them to represent me. They ignored that and continued to hound me. Later I sent them documents showing I used another company and asked to see a document showing my authorization. All they did was continue to hound me by phone and email.

I contacted North Texas Property Tax Services to get their take on this. Here was their response:

It is no secret that TAD has been struggling with their data ever since their software conversion.

O’connor “may” have worked this account. If so, TAD should have disallowed my protest, settlement and waiver. TAD did not. We absolutely worked this account. Therefore, our reduction is legitimate.

The stink of the situation is that O’connor could say the same thing.

We will take the high road… I have written a refund check to you in the amount of $68.10.

I hope this resolves this matter.

We appreciate the opportunity to represent you!

North Texas Property Tax Services sent me a check for $68.10. Some may say once I received that check that I should have paid O’Connor & Associates. I did not because bad behavior should not be rewarded. Plus their harassment caused much more than $85.13 worth of damages. O’Connor & Associates will never see another penny of my money.

A quick check on Google shows this is not a company to use. There are 60 complaints with BBB in last 3 years.  Yelp shows 1 1/2 stars.

BBB has this note on their website:

Since June 2015, the BBB of Houston & South Texas has received multiple disputes that exhibit the following pattern.

It has been alleged by consumers that when a contract is signed for Patrick O’Connor & Associates to represent them for tax purposes, it is not disclosed that the contract will auto renew at the end of the contracted term.  Consumers state they do not hear from the company, but instead receive an invoice for the current years representation.  When the consumer tries to reach the company  to find out how to cancel service, the automated message states someone will return their phone calls but the company has not returned any calls per consumer statements.

Some Reviews I Found

Worst ever.  We quit them after 1 year of dismal results (thank goodness we only signed a contract for one year).   We hired another company that did save us money the next few years.  BUT we continued to get harassing letters and threats from O’Connor for over four years trying to collect on the other companies success.   We sent registered letters with the contract and responded many times … but they continued to threaten.  AN ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE company

DON”T DO IT!!!!  These folks are crooks and should be investigated by the AG.  I sold my property last year and notified them on TWO occasions.  Fast forward to June 2015 and I get an email that I owe them $5.00 and failure to pay within 10 days would result in being sent to collections.  The next day I received a call from collections over the $5.00.  I called in and finally was able to speak to a representative who said they aren’t capable of pulling up past emails.  They confirmed that we had, in fact sold the house, but still insisted I pay $5.00 for service I cancelled 10 months ago because I sold the house. They also confirmed the charge was for service they provided this year–6 months after the house was sold.  Of course, I paid the $5.00 to just make it go away, but I TOTALLY REGRET not listening to previous reviews. Lesson learned and I hope you choose to walk away from these clowns.

I agree; do NOT use these people.  I asked them to send me forms which I did NOT sign, nor did I pay them a retainer.

I decided to use Betencourt who has a better rate structure.

I cannot get O’Connor to stop calling me.  I have told them I have NOT hired them, did not pay them.  I JUST GOT FORMS FROM THEM.

It is very annoying to receive their phone calls and email twice a week for 2 months.  If I knew Patrick O’Connor’s email address I would contact him directly.


Yes, they take the hassle of protesting your property value in order to lower your property tax. They are the Harris County power house, the major leagues. But, administratively, they are completely minor league.

There are 2 instances where they have created more hassle than anyone would want to deal with. All because they don’t check their inbox, even though they instruct you to submit documents that way.

Instance 1:
They charged me interest on a late payment when I had sent them my payment ON TIME many months prior. Why? BECAUSE THEY DIDNT CHECK THEIR INBOX. Sure enough, they found my email and backed out interest. Shake my head.

Instance 2:
I requested to suspend my account this year because I wanted to take a crack at protesting my property value myself. Long story short, O’Connor and Associates has me on their client list for an Informal Hearing ANYWAY because they do not check documents received. Their advice was to remove them as my agent and no-show for my court date. are you serious???

I also don’t appreciate it when I call them and get routed to an off-shore call center where I get canned answers to my questions. I need critical thinking, please.

Their services are also pricey. Their charge is 50% of whatever you save in property taxes, but there are competing law firms (just as good) that charge 40%.

I will NEVER use O’Connor ever again.

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